Hi! I’m Leslie. I am wife to Peter, a resident ophthalmologist by vocation but a park ranger at heart. He would like to tell you to never make a sudden movement with a stick in your hand. Full time mom to two young children. We’re from San Antonio but we live in Houston which is why I never stop sweating, and I’m always thinking that I need to get a hurricane preparedness kit (but never actually do).

Other things that I am: born again Christian, wannabe locavore, exercise enthusiast, thrift shopper extraordinaire, voracious reader and aspiring writer.

I love being a stay at home mom and, as such, I hope to capture some of the daily grind and daily glory of housewifery on this blog. Since I’m a full time mom, my thoughts tend to revolve around all kids all the time. I do a lot of writing about them (I’m one of those parents who is sure that her children are the cutest and brightest around, my apologies in advance.) But I also like to write about books, children’s activities, crafting, recipes, exercising, and the occasional anecdotes about life like how after I had my first baby I could never get out of the house having both applied deodorant and brushed my teeth. (The second time around has been more successful in that regard.)

I chose the blog name Mommy Loves Bon Bons because, first and foremost, who doesn’t love sweet, delicious confections? Secondly, I sometimes refer to my children as bon bons because they are nothing if not sweet and delicious. Finally, it is a tongue in cheek reference to the notion of that mythical housewife who sits on her couch all day eating  bon bons while watching soap operas.

I personally feel that if such a woman ever existed, we should stand in awe of her. For my part, when I sit down, the second law of thermodynamics quickly comes into play. I fear if I sat for an entire day, with small children running about, there would not be a wall of our house left standing come lunch time. So, bon bon-eating housewife, if you truly can survive a day without leaving your couch and still have a house fit to sit in, I salute you!

Needless to say, I actually have very little time to eat bon bons in my daily life. But that is what I plan to do in my retirement.  

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