Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Amendment to My Position on BB Guns

Hi blog friends! This might be an odd topic on which to return from my blog hiatus. But, you know, I don't know... Right! I've noticed that the more children one has, the less one blogs. Yet, there's so much fodder for blogging during these little years- so much wisdom and nonsense out of the mouth of babes, so many scenarios that are simultaneously pitiful and hilarious, but so little time to collect one's thoughts! I'm living that truth!

A few years ago I wrote a post on what you should avoid if you'd like to maintain the integrity of your eyeballs. I believed that I was qualified to write such a post because at the time I was working as a nurse in an eye surgery center, also Peter is an ophthalmology resident. You can read it here, but the things I mentioned that can wreak havoc on your eyes were: BB guns, bungee cords, and exercise bands.

However, I concede that I stand partially corrected. BBs usually intersect with the ophthalmology world in the form of surgeries required to remove BBs that have been lodged in a person's eye socket. However, recently Peter had a case in which a BB gun was actually instrumental in revealing an eye problem! A small boy had gotten a BB gun. While using it, which necessitates closing one eye to focus on a target with the other, he realized that he had blurriness in one of his eyes- something that he was not aware of when using both eyes, as the clear eye compensated for the blurry one. His mother made an appointment at Peter's clinic, and he was diagnosed with an infection. The infection is treated and now all is well.

So! It appears that you should buy your child a BB gun!* If he gets a BB lodged in his eye, who do you call? An ophthalmologist! If, while using the BB gun, some sort of eye deficit is revealed, who do you call? An ophthalmologist! Your kid gets the Red Ryder BB gun that he's always wanted, he might have an underlying visual problem that the BB gun will help to identify, and Peter gets job security! (And by extension of Peter's job security, I get to continue my non-stop bon bon-eating lifestyle.) Everyone wins!

* I'm totally kidding. Do not get your kid a BB gun. Or, at least, don't do it for the sake of his visual health, but if you want to support Peter's job security, who am I to stand in your way?

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Caraline Cardwell said...

Haha Mrs. Leslie, you are so funny! Yeah, BTC has a BB gun and enjoys shooting himself and others with it. Many welts and bruises on the legs and other body parts have resulted! (My mom usually makes them wear sunglasses to protect eyes!) I stick with just shooting birds and squirrels! (It doesn't hurt them. At least... I don't think it does!) ;)

Keep posting Mrs. Ness!! :)

♥ Caraline