Friday, March 29, 2013

Thank Goodness for the Piles of Laundry

Truth in blogging: Those piles have been there for days

Since I last washed our cloth diapers on Tuesday, they've been heaped in a pile in the den waiting to be stuffed. Every time I've changed diapers recently I've had to remember to grab one before-hand or run to get one mid-change (not recommended!). But that pile of diapers has encouraged me, because this used to be the norm- running to and fro grabbing various diapers, inserts and wipes, sometimes while Isla lay unwiped on the changing pad. But it's no longer the norm. As I've reflected back on Isla's first year, I see the seasons of ebb and flow in our lives. One year ago we were experiencing the total upheaval that a new baby brings. A lot of it is fuzzy, it's gone by in a blur! I don't know when we fell into a routine, but it did happen, we're in a good one now, and it has been months since I've had a load of diapers laying around for this long! Things will change again, there's no avoiding that. There will be more upheaval and more restructuring, and Lord willing, more restored peace to our days. There may be a season in which the loads of diapers are not only unfolded, and ever-present, but also multiplied by other loads of laundry- towels, clothes, bedding - but for now I'm happy that the unfolded diapers remind me that the overwhelming seasons don't last forever, and that God is unchanging during all the vicissitudes of life. One day the diapers will be gone for good, and I know I'll miss them, or rather, miss the little bottoms that they cover!

Also truth in blogging: This is not photo shopped. She is really that cute.

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