Thursday, March 28, 2013

Isla is One

 One year ago

My baby is one. But she's still so chunky and not yet walking, so she's retaining the title of baby- no additional toddlers here yet!

Isla's interests are stuffing her face with food, and chewing on shoes. I'm thankful to have another good eater on my hands! But, the girl loves shoes. Loves them. Of  course she's not wearing them, she loves to chew on them. Some have commented that her shoe fetish may signal some stereotypical girlishness, but combined with her eating habits, I'm wondering if she's actually revealing herself to be a stereotypical billy goat.

As I've written here before, she has two levels: happiness and sunshine, and murderous rage. She doesn't really fuss, she goes straight to back-arching, head-throwing, bloody murder. THANKFULLY, she spends much, much more time on the happiness and sunshine side of the spectrum. In fact she is overwhelmingly a joy to be around. Everywhere I take her she gets compliments on how good she is. She's good at playing independently, but she also readily smiles and interacts with others. She is a delight, until you take a paper octopus out of her mouth and then she becomes inconsolable for a time. Thankfully, only for a time!

She walks holding on to things, and she stands for quite a while on her own. She's taken a few steps, and just within the last few days,  taken a string of steps together.

She goes to sleep between 7 pm and 8 pm, and usually is awake by about 7 am. She takes a nap at 9:30 am, and 1:30 pm. They both take a nap at 1:30 pm actually, and that is really good for everyone around here!

Um, Isla, you've got something in your teeth there.

Her first word is No. Often the two of us just sit and say "no, no, no" back and forth, for fun, of course. Usually she's going for an outlet, and I say "no, no Isla." She turns to me and repeats "nonononono."
I have noticed her mimicking a lot of sounds, so I wonder if she'll be acquiring more words soon.

Yes, right there between those two bottom ones. 

She is in that fascinating phase where, though she can't talk, she can understand so much. She understands "no" which is evident because she'll often stop doing whatever it is I don't want her to do, but she's often not very pleased about it! She also understands, "take that shoe out of your mouth!" Honestly, of all things she could chew on, she picks shoes?!  When asked, she will clap her hands, hug her doll, and point.

Here's some clapping and saying no:

Here's the two of them, to use John's term, "sharing." John describes this as "sharing Isla's cheerios." Notice he has the bulk of them shoved in his mouth. He particularly loves to "share" when it's someone else food, or toys! 

Isla loves John. They love each other for the most part. There are always many moments throughout the day when their sibling charity is overthrown by their shared desire for the same toy, usually a toy that one wasn't interested in until the other picked it up, but I assume by the time they're in their 30's they'll have worked it all out- you know decided who gets the toy cars and who gets the rattle- without my intervention. 

This year has gone by doubly fast. Each year goes by faster than the last it seems, and at this rate she's going to be 18 in about 6 months. I've enjoyed Isla's first year so thoroughly, more than I expected to. Having seen how quickly the time goes with John, I had more perspective this time around. And compared to the busyness and independence of toddlerhood, babyhood can be so sweet and cuddly, and stationary (I love things that are stationary!). I'm still enjoying her, of course, but more challenges come each day now that she's getting mobile. But with the challenges, fun things come as well! I'm sure she'll have a lot more to say this time next year. Happy Birthday, Isla! We could never have imagined we'd love you so much!

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Margaret said...

oh my goodness she is so big and precious and oh i just want to eat her up! arranged marriage!