Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moments in Parenting

Recently Peter was watching the children while I was out, and he found himself needing to go to the bathroom. No problem, right? (Ha.) Well, there he was taking care of business while Isla, who was a little fussy, pulled herself up on his leg. Her nails, shamefully unmanicured, digging into his flesh and pulling at his leg hair. Then John, who was engaged in a game of mailman- a game in which he crawls in the cabinet and then sticks his head out of the laundry chute- hit is head on said cabinet and began wailing while clinging to Peter's other leg and begging to be held. Amid the wailing, and clinging, the fussing and sting of pulled leg hair,  Peter saw that there was a mere wisp- nay, essence- of toilet paper left on the roll. He imagined me, the last time I was in the bathroom; He envisioned me gleefully taking the last squares of paper, happy that there had been just enough for me, and more than happy to let the problem of an empty toilet paper roll  fall to someone else. Peter being the only other independent toileter in the house, this problem would inevitably fall to him.

I won't deny that I'm not always the most scrupulous toilet paper replacer, but as anyone who has young children probably knows, that's not because I don't value a full roll of toilet paper. When Peter related this experience to me,  I was all, oh, nononononono. What probably prevented me from replacing the toilet paper was something like this: there I was, trying to take care of business, while Isla was pulling up on my leg, scratching me with her baby claws, while John- engaged in a game of mailman- hit his head on the cabinet, commenced wailing and clinging to me begging to be held...

So my big question is, when can I resume going to the bathroom alone?

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fabia said...

When the kids are moved out, that's when!
What I do to remind myself, is I take the empty roll with me to remind me on my merry way about the house later on.