Monday, January 07, 2013

Top 12 of 2012

12. After writing a post recently in which I mentioned an all-night vomit bender, I realized that after two memorable stomach illnesses in 2011, there were none in 2012! Thanks be to God!

11. Peter spent the first few months of 2012 studying for a national board exam. He took it in March (a few days after Isla was born),  and in May he found out he not only did well, he got the highest score in his program! Way to go!

10. I finally started pulling my weight around here- literally. At the end of the year I got a part time (very part time- 2 hours per week) job teaching a free weights aerobics class.

9. In July, Peter began his 3rd year in residency, 2nd year in Ophthalmology. He's movin' on up and now he's actually doing surgery on peoples' eyes in addition to clinic work. During this process of becoming an eye surgeon, I noticed that Peter is adroit at tying very small knots. I often ask him to help me when such dexterity is called for in sewing projects. One day I asked him if he'd learned these knot tying skills in boy scouts (He is an Eagle Scout, after all!) No, he said he learned them doing micro surgery! Micro surgery! Who knew that would come in so handy!?

8. In May John turned 2, his language exploded, and now he says things like "I want to watch Gangnam Style."

7. To expand on number 8, John continues to impress us with his memory skills. He recently surprised us when he asked to sing two hymns,  Rock of Ages, and How Firm a Foundation, and then sang right along with us! He can also quote one memory verse that he learned in Sunday school, 1 Kings 8:23: "Oh Lord, there is no God like you," as well as the Lord's Prayer.

6. August marked our 7 year wedding anniversary. In October Peter turned 30! (Please note, I'm not 30.)

5. We continue to be actively involved in our church, which we love. Peter is serving as a Deacon and I go to a women's Bible study and volunteer with the children's ministry on Wednesday nights, we also host a small group every other week.

4. In July we took a long, very long, road trip to Savannah, GA. Though Peter and I love road trips, young children... add another dimension, shall we say? Nevertheless, many  happy memories were made.

3. The kids and I continue to spend time with two playgroups that we've now been involved with for over a year. John is getting to be more aware of his friends, asking for them by name, and engaging with them. And I get to talk to adults! I always enjoy conversations in which one party does not throw him/herself to the ground in a fit.

2. Living relatively close to both of our families allows us to see them frequently, which is a blessing. 2012 offered many opportunities for trips to San Antonio. And, most recently, we spent time there with both of our families for Christmas, then went camping with Peter's family between Christmas and New Year's. John loves his grandparents, aunts, uncles and all of his cousins.

1. Definitely the best thing that happened to us in 2012- actually one of the best things that's ever happened to us- was Isla's birthday. March 28th, 2012, my favorite daughter was born, and now here she is standing on her own, and all beruffled for Christmas:

Happy New Year!

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