Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Please, Oh Please, Let Them Be Clean Freaks

God, it is my humble prayer that you would make all of my children clean freaks. As you know, I need help around here.

Isla likes to put her face flat on the floor and lick. She also loves plastic bags (suffocation hazard!) How does anyone ever survive childhood?

Thankfully, John is well on his way to becoming a neat and tidy young man. Sort of. He loves to "help clean". Here he is making me proud by vacuuming under a hard to reach area (and hamming it up with that smile):

He also enjoys "packing up". While I was busy getting us ready for a trip to San Antonio recently, he was busy efficiently packing some of our necessities:

 I couldn't imagine leaving town without all of our letters.

And Isla's got big news! A few weeks ago she was making a lot of commotion after I'd put her down for her afternoon nap. It sounded like she was having way too much fun for nap time, squealing with glee and all. I walked in to see what could possibly be the source of all of this happiness and I saw this:

She's pulling up, and she's mighty happy about that! (I took out the bassinet insert right away and now she's sleeping in the bottom of the pack and play.) And she's starting to hands-and-knees crawl, though she still mostly belly crawls. And she's got two bottom front teeth poking through. Standing, and crawling, and teeth, oh my!

I found this picture recently when I was looking back through some photos from earlier this year and it gave me a laugh: 

Isla, happy to be alive. She might be upset because we wouldn't share the cake. 

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Laura @ Mommy run fast said...

Go, Isla, go! That is one proud smile, so cute!
And I am so glad John remembered to pack up your letters. What would have you done without them?!