Sunday, December 09, 2012

Guess What Time It Is?

Grandma Time. 

My mom graciously came to town this weekend to help me out as Peter had to travel to sunny San Diego for  a surgery course. John loves his grandma and you can see why. Yes, there's coke in that cup. I just left the house and pretended not to see any of it. 

Peter called me from San Diego and he was raving about the hotel and the food at the hotel. And I was like, "how is the course going?" And he was like, "oh  yeah... it's okay." And then he went right back to talking about the food and his trip to the shore. So! Sounds like there was a lot of learning going on.  

I'm happy he's on his way back from the airport right now! 

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Anonymous said...

I heard Hoss had a great time too!!