Thursday, November 15, 2012

October Books

My October reading was scant. Well, not scant exactly, but of the two books I read, one does not lend itself to leisure reading.

Not Buying It by Judith Levine. A memoir of one woman's year of foregoing all but the most necessary purchases. It had some (at least one) interesting insights, but I didn't love it, and I'm still not sure exactly what she'd recommend as an antidote to consumerism/materialism. The author is a liberal feminist, which I only mention to say that the book definitely has an angle to it. She's a writer who was so fed up with Christmas-season consumerism (I can identify with that) that she vowed to only  buy necessities for a year. She spent that year navigating what constitutes a "necessity", mulling over what it means to be a consumer versus a citizen, and, of course, writing the book. And, like I said I'm still not sure what conclusion she reached. But I tend to plow through books and do not always contemplate them like I should, so maybe I just missed it.

 Fitness: Theory and Practice, a Comprehensive Resource for Group Fitness Instructors. If that title doesn't peak your interest, certainly nothing will. Recently during an aerobics class at the Y, the instructor suggested to me the possibility of getting certified to teach aerobics. I'd never thought of that before, but I quickly decided that if I could get paid to do something that I'm already doing (and in fact paying to do), that would be a good thing for our bottom line. So, I did the certification workshop a few weeks ago and got my certification card in the mail shortly after! This explains my blogging hiatus- I spent many an evening reading up on high school science class favorites like lever classification (bicep curl = 3rd class lever), oxygen metabolism (glycolisis, electron transport chain, krebb's cycle... any of that sound familiar?), and musculoskeletal anatomy. Now I can impress high school kids with all of that worthless information* knowledge. I'm looking for a job and surely soon I'll have my own line of aerobics videos. I'll let you know!

* I do not actually believe this to be worthless information. Yet, I don't ever expect it to come up in an aerobics class either. Stay in school, kids!

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