Sunday, November 18, 2012

John. One Word: Busy

John turned 2.5 on November 13th which also happened to by my mom's 29th birthday! Now we're the same age. I'm going to grow one year older so that I can set her curfew.

I thought an update on John was in order. Recently I asked him if he's acquired wisdom beyond is 2.5 years. He answered affirmatively.

Interspersed are some pumpkin patch pictures. We were going for action shots this year.  Not by choice.

 It's hard for me to distill all of his development into a blog post. It boggles the mind. Here is an anecdote to illustrate my point: Shortly after Isla was born, just before he turned 2, as we drove out of town one day he saw some cows in a field, and  he said "muh moo." This I knew to mean "more moo" or "I want to see more cows." A scant three months later his language had exploded into sayings like: "How you do that cow?" We were never clear exactly which of the cow's activities he was inquiring about, but you can still see quite a progression in the language. Now at 2.5, what isn't he saying? This week he told me: "It's not about you!" Surely this is a helpful reminder to all of us in our individualistic society, and yet Peter and I don't regularly bandy that phrase about, so I asked where he heard it. Turns out he was repeating it from the movie The Incredibles. He went on to tell me that it's not so much not about me as it's not about Mr. Incredible, since it was said to him in the movie.

His observation skills continue to impress me. It's funny that due to juggling the needs of two young children,  a smidgen of sleep deprivation, and possibly aging, my powers of observation (and mental acumen in general) seem to be on the decline. John is as sharp as a tack and you can't put anything past him which is unfortunate for me- one of the duller tools in the shed. Usually after our Saturday morning grocery run, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is on the radio on our ride home. Today when we got in the car to go back to the house he said "I want to listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." (Granted, it might not be crystal clear, but that's definitely what he said.) So, not only does he recognize the show, he also knows it's name even though we haven't discussed it. It seems that daily he has more to say and makes more connections about his environment.

More about John:
He can count to 12
He loves to read books
He loves music and singing songs (interestingly enough, he won't do this in public. We go to library time where there's plenty of singing and dancing, which he refuses to do. But he knows all the songs and will sing them at home.)
He's memorized several songs like the Alphabet song, Jesus Loves Me, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as well as some scriptures put to music from these Seeds Family Worship CD's (I love these! It's Bible verses set to music that kids love and that don't make me want to skewer my ear drums.)
He likes playing blocks and trains
He loves dinosaurs
He loves all things construction and he will correct you if you mistake an excavator for a tractor
Whenever he falls down or bumps his head, etc, he says "I okay, mama."

Things that make him throw a fit:
Leaving anywhere fun (friend's house, park, zoo, etc)
When I turn off his afternoon "movie" (30 minute DVD)
He dislikes sitting still and sharing (we're working on these)

Where I wanted him to sit (next to the big pumpkin)

He is characteristically pushing limits behavior-wise, but overall he's very receptive to instruction and discipline.

He is a sweet, sweet happy boy. I'm very thankful that I can take care of him and see the constant changes that are taking place. Though, I do wish he showed more appreciation for the art of quiet contemplation.

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