Thursday, November 08, 2012

Baby Steps

I voted Tuesday! It was my first time voting despite the fact that I've been eligible for two previous elections. I usually struggle deeply over the candidates because rarely does either one represent my views very well. And I usually find that voting for either party requires me to endorse at least one policy that I find morally reprehensible. And, in fact, I still feel that way. I don't wish to say who I voted for because I don't particularly wish to be associated with either candidate. 

Despite that, I was excited to participate in the  political process. It is quite amazing that our country has transferred executive power 44 times since it's inception and, excluding #16 (Lincoln in 1860), I think all of those episodes have been non-violent and more or less by the will of the people. Well, the people and large corporations who are now considered people. Okay, so it's not perfect. But it could be so, so much worse. It is a privilege to  participate- one that so many people do not enjoy the world over. 

Next time, mark my words (and please remind me of them when the next elections are looming!), I'm going to know more about the local candidates. That's where I think my vote counts the most. Unfortunately this time around the only research I did was to google "Harris County ballot, who should I vote for?" which, as you might expect, yielded few helpful results. I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that, and yet I think that's pretty par for the course for most Americans, sadly. So, baby steps. This year, I showed up at the polls. Next time, I'm going to have some (any!) information on local politics. 

We made our voting a family affair. Since we'd neglected to partake in early voting, it was very important to avoid lines on election day, which meant that we had to get there early. And we did with the help of our early-rising kids who, aided by the time change, are getting up before the sun (I will support any legislation that requires children to remain sleeping until a reasonable hour.)  All four of us were at our precinct voting location at 7 am. There was not a long line, so we got done quickly and went out to breakfast at Three Brother's Bakery. 

Sadly, only then, after casting my ballot, did I meet my dream candidates:

 If only I'd known, I would've written in for a bipartisan President/VP team of these yummy cookie candidates! They're like regular politicians, only they're cookies! This way, if their activities in office aren't satisfactory, they can double as a helpful blood sugar boost during those long filibuster sessions. This is much more delicious than the usual partisan squabbling that we've become accustomed to, don't you think?

If you plan to move to Canada, I really want to come visit! Not necessarily to avoid Obama's second term, more so because I  like to drink hot chocolate and I hear Canada gets chilly.  

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