Friday, October 05, 2012

More Free Things For Toddlers To Do: Water Pouring

One morning I found myself needing to clean the kitchen and needing some occupation for John so that I could focus and get it done quickly rather than distractedly working on it all day.

I opened my magical cabinet o' garbage, pulled out a funnel and some containers. I filled a few containers with water and let the pouring commence. I don't know if other toddlers are like this, but if so, by all means, take advantage! If your child loves pouring water, you have got a free, relatively mess free (a little water on the floor does not count as a mess in my book) source of entertainment that you can use over and over.

I showed him how to pour the water into the larger containers and then how to use the funnel to pour it back into the smaller containers. He did this for approximately 1/2 an hour. I'm not great at keeping track of time these days- it may have been 45 minutes. You can see he's very focused. He asks to do this all the time.

I periodically refilled the containers as more and more of it ended up on the floor. Once I asked him "where did all your water go?" He responded: "It's in the towel."

And, bonus! I searched the web for water pouring ideas one day and found that it is considered all kinds of  educational!

If he becomes a genius, I'm going to take credit. "It was all that water pouring you did!"

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