Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I'm pretty good about keeping the clutter to a minimum in our house, but I do hoard garbage for my children to play with. And, as unseemly as that sounds, it's not really even an exaggeration. I have egg cartons and metal lids, plastic containers and milk jugs  all stored up because I'm convinced that I can use them for a higher purpose. I'm a little bit of a tree- hugger at heart, and I like to think that by saving trash from the landfill and giving it to my kids, I'm saving the baby seals from certain death and I'm  not paying for children's toys. Everyone wins!

Here's my latest upcycled creation, twistie ties and spice containers:

So, basically I told John to put the twistie ties in the holes on the top of the spice containers. And he did. I think this is decent motor skills practice, although at this point John can do it fairly easily. Despite that, it did hold his attention for a respectable amount of time (for a toddler). I had some longer ties and I threw a pipe cleaner in and showed him how to wrap the ties around the containers. He can't do that, so maybe we'll pull it out and work on it occasionally.

Isla is also interested. :o)

A while ago I made these shakers, another trash upcycling adventure. They have not disappointed.  Kids love them. Some are filled with quiet objects (feathers, pom poms), some are filled with loud objects (bells, beads). When John was younger he enjoyed shaking them. Now when he gets them out we talk about opposites, loud and quiet.

One man's trash can actually be that same man's (or woman's, in this case) free children's toys!

And, to conclude, let's all look at how sweet Isla is:

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Rachel said...

Brilliant!!! I am going to save this for Micah to do someday. I have been collecting twist-ties for about 4 years now (so no, you are not crazy or the only one to do this). I used about a third of them when I ran a preschool camp for a week, but there are still a ton of them.