Monday, September 24, 2012

Pom Poms: The Final Frontier

I believe that humanity has only just scratched the surface of what is possible with pom poms. I wouldn't be surprised if they are instrumental in getting men to Mars.

The possibilities are endless, you can:

Sort them
Count them
Stuff them
Stick them
Use them for any number of crafts

With that kind of versatility, one can only logically assume that they can also be used for some sort of rocket propulsion, right?

 I've frequently seen this "pom pom stuff it in" activity bag. I happened to have everything I needed on hand so I put one together last week.

In the far left of the first picture you can see the sour cream container with the hole cut in the lid. That's where he stuffs the pom poms. I also gave him a spice container and some colored cups that I happened to have into which he can sort them by color. He isn't yet interested in sorting by color, but he does love to stuff. You can see, he stuffs his pom poms, takes them out and then stuffs them again, with a gravitas to rival that of Tom Hanks in Apollo 13. He takes this so seriously he wouldn't even look up for a picture.

Another upcycling success story!

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