Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An Unfortunate Misnomer

Over the years of hearing my friends discuss potty training, I caught wind of something called the "one day" method. I was hooked long before I'd even had kids. Accomplishing potty training in one day?! Sign me up! There's even a book called Toilet Training In Less Than A Day that was recommended to me. Had I read it, surely I would have been better informed. Nevertheless, I spoke to several friends who have done variations of the "one day" method, and with their advice I got started. 

Idiotically enough, this being the "one day" method, I assumed that the bulk of the training could be done in one day- perhaps a few days since potty training is never without hiccups. At the end of day two when John peed all over the floor, I thought our training had been an abject failure. 

Thankfully a good friend intervened before I gave up completely. No sooner than I had published my last post, I received an email from her explaining that I may have expected too much out of that "one day". 

It's not that I expected perfection. I knew there would be accidents. I did expect, though, that I'd have a better understanding of when he needed to go. I thought he would be able to tell me. I do know some toddlers who did accomplish this in one day. Though, it seems for most toddlers, the "one day" method is something of a misnomer. 

From what I've gathered, the only thing that they really gain in one day is the experience of going on the potty, this by dint of gallons of juice and bathroom breaks every 20 minutes. It could take days or weeks before they're able to communicate that they need to go to beforehand. In the meantime it is incumbent upon the mother, or potty trainer, as it were, to take the child frequently. 

I was advised to stay close to home for a week, take him hourly, reward him when he tee tees on the potty, and be prepared for occasional accidents. 

This I have done, John has been amenable, and things have gone remarkably well! He's only had one accident in three days! Theoretically, over the next several weeks he will learn to control and initiate the process. 

I was relieved to know that our training hadn't been a complete bust. Now that my expectations have been tweaked, I'm very pleased with the way things are going. Yet, I must protest that there is nothing "one day" about this method. 

 Not that anyone is asking me, but the only potty training advice I have so far is: be more educated than I was before you begin and have lots of vinyl pants. (These have been great for containing accidents.) I'll write a follow up post later to let you know if this truly ended up being successful or not. (Because I know you all frequently cogitate on John's bathroom habits.) 

Today, I knew John was due for a tee tee so I situated him on his toddler potty in our bathroom with lots of reading material while I nursed Isla nearby in the bedroom.  I looked over and noticed that  things weren't optimally positioned for delivery into the toilet, if you know what I mean. Before I could open my mouth to tell him to scoot back, I saw a little stream of tee tee spill over the top. We both watched as it puddled on the floor. The he declared  "I'm all done!", and proceeded to grab a washcloth and "keen up" the mess. Even though there was still tee tee all over the floor today, I'd say we're making progress! We're back on the potty train! (Please, please, let the destination be Toileting Independence!) 

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Margaret said...

Leslie, you crack me up! Please let me know where to buy vinyl pants so I can go ahead and purchase some NOW for Adam. :)