Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Olympic Cuteness and Gold Medal Muffins

It's happening. The curse of the second born is unfolding before my eyes. We spent Sunday evening with some of Peter's family. It came up in conversation with his sister that she has vast montages of her first child, while the third and youngest, is not equally represented among their memory files.

Since her first and third are both girls we joked that she could simply tell them that they looked alike, and no one would be the wiser.

Unfortunately that won't work for me since I have a boy and a girl. Isla might wonder why I always dressed her in clothes sporting construction vehicles. So today I pulled out the camera to document Isla's growing charm and also existence. 

I've been looking forward to the Olympics. I mostly care about the gymnastics but once I start watching, I get pulled in. Pretty soon I'm equally absorbed in archery and shooting.

If there were a Head Control Event in the Olympics, Isla would no doubt be to it what Michael Phelps is to swimming:

I believe she would also win the individual all-around for cuteness:

Though Isla might be a few pictures short of John at the same age, the  benefit of being the second born is that you have someone who is a lot more fun than mom to keep you entertained whilst you hold your head steady:

John, who likes to join in tummy time, is also a contender in the head control event: 

I am one muffin away from completely depleting my freezer stockpile of baked goods. I had that freezer packed before Isla was born. Not only with muffins but with entrees galore to help me get through those initial newborn weeks with a minimum of slaving over a hot stove. And now there's only one lonely muffin left. 

Of all the muffins I made these were the gold medal favorite: Thousand-Seed Banana Date Muffins. I highly recommend these! They're relatively healthy. They were very sweet so I think the sugar could be reduced and they'd be even healthier. Most appealing is how well they hold up to the freezer. They were still so moist and delicious after freezing and thawing. I love having muffins in the freezer for easy breakfasts and snacks.

 I'm slowly working my way back to a stocked freezer. Do you have any recipes to recommend? 


Laura Stiller said...

Some friends and I do a freezer meal swap once a month (before that I did Once a Month Mom) so I LOVE freezer meals. I put all of my recipes here: Ones that are rated with stars are ones that we've eaten and liked (and I've actually remember to go back and rate). I'm going to try your banana date muffins - they look great!

Peter and Leslie said...

Thanks, Laura! I just looked at your list and I'm definitely interested in some of those recipes. And I'm also intrigued with that website. It looks like you can keep all your recipes in one place there? I'm going to have to look into that...