Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Reasons why "Playing Ice" is Better than Disney World

I hit a gold mine as far as toddler entertainment. One rainy day last week I gave some colored ice cubes and a little water to John and let him pour the melting ice and water back and forth in a few small bowls. Since then he's asked to "Play Ice" twice and I have gladly obliged. Upon reflection I realized that Playing Ice might even be more fun than a trip to Disney World.

1. Disney World is expensive. Playing Ice is free.

2. At Disney World you must brave the sun and throngs of sun burnt, sweaty and cranky Mickey Mouse fans. You can Play Ice safely within the operation of your AC and away from the multitudes of mouse ear-wearing crowds (though, if that's your thing,  you could invite lots of people wearing mouse ears to Play Ice with you.).

3. At Disney World you must accompany your children on nausea inducing rides and be accosted by grown men dressed as cartoon characters. Playing Ice does not trigger motion sickness and allows you to finish a pile of laundry, take out the trash and drink an entire cup of coffee while it is still hot! And write a blog post!

It's obvious to me which is the superior entertainment.

One note of caution, Playing Ice can be messy if you color the ice because the food coloring can stain. I put John in a bib and a towel in his lap and so far he's stayed pretty dry and stain free.

John started Playing Ice inside last week when it was rainy, but it might be even better as an outdoor activity as seen here as ice cube painting, which is where I originally got the idea.

Playing Ice can be a good way to discuss and experiment with colors. You can talk about the colors of the ice cubes as well as mixing colors (yellow and blue make green, etc.).

If you don't want water all over  your floor you could also do this in the bathtub.

Have fun and I'm glad we could all save that $3,000 dollars we were going to spend on a Disney World Vacation!


Anny said...

What a good idea! I just thought of you and remembered you have a blog! Wow! I should check more often! Congratulations on Isla! And John is so big! Yay for families!

Peter and Leslie said...


It is good to h ear from you! It's been a while! How are you all? Did you see that we had another baby? I should probably just call you to catch up rather than try to do it over the comments section of a blog... :o)