Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Take Our Caffeine Habits Very Seriously in This Household

Start 'em young, that's what I say! Coffee is an acquired taste so better to get a jump on it. Why wait until college- or even three years old?

I guess it's not obvious that it's a frapuccino in that cup, but that's what it is. Despite the pictures, John is not addicted to caffeine and we don't give him coffee (aside from the occasional sip, as you can see). I'm writing this mostly because I think these pictures are cute and I wanted to post them. He does know what coffee is and he frequently says "I want some coffee." To which I reply "no John, this coffee is the only thing standing between mama and a coma. You don't want mama to fall into a fatigue-induced coma do you? Don't even answer that."

While I do tend to wake up bleary-eyed it's mostly my own fault because I stay up too late and my children wake up horrifically early. But the good news is that Isla is sleeping through the night, more or less. She wakes up occasionally but she's slept many nights from 8-ish pm to 6-ish am. Hallelujah! And she's been napping well too. Now that is a child of mine. 16 hours of sleep per day? Yes, please! John was a good sleeper as well, but he didn't sleep through the night until around 8 months old. I'm so thankful that they've both been good sleepers. In a perfect world they wouldn't want to wake up at the crack of dawn. But the world is far from perfect and if my biggest problem is that my children like to be up early, well, that's not even a real problem. Plus, I know that soon they'll be teenagers and then we're all going to sleep until noon.

This morning Isla woke up somewhere in the 6 o'clock hour delivering a passionate soliloquy in her bassinet. I assured her that there is nothing that really needs discussing (or soliloquizing) at 6 am and that she should not hesitate to sleep in. All of her obligations, I assured her, can easily be met later in the day. We'll see if she takes my advice. Despite my distaste for the hours before 9 am, I do enjoy my early morning Isla time. She usually eats around 6 am and then sometimes she falls back to sleep and we snuggle until John wakes up. Here are some picture of her, they aren't recent but they're oh-so-cute (if I do say so myself):

Milk Coma

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Laura said...

I'm so glad to find your blog, Leslie! Love those pics of Isla. I didn't realize you're not a morning person... you handle those early hours very well! :)