Saturday, June 23, 2012

Today's Favorite Child Award Goes To...

It's probably  un-PC to declare a favorite child. And yet, there you have it. My favorite child today at HEB was hands down: John. 

I have no problem that Isla might read this later in her life. If she asks me why I was playing favorites I will simply explain: When you have children of your own, and you have to take at least two of them to HEB, and one of them is screaming the entire time while the other is sitting very sweetly, quietly and patiently in the cart, you will quickly find your fondness growing for the non-screaming child.

Many times Isla wins the Favorite Child Award. Likewise, if John objects, I will simply explain: When you have children of your own and one of them is smiling happily  in the baby seat while the other is scattering very small cars around the house which you will then step on in the middle of night, gouging your foot and bringing you perilously close to a concussion, you will greatly come to appreciate the immobile qualities of the former child.

I should say that both of my sweet littles grow more dear to me every day. Isla is emerging from her newborn haze and winning us over with her prodigious smiles and coos, today's HEB trip notwithstanding. While John is growing leaps and bounds in his verbal communication. He is now verbally proficient enough to to issue helpful admonitions when I might be in danger like "Careful, Mama. Hot."

So really, I don't have a favorite. (No, no, I do and it's whichever one is not crying at HEB.)

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