Saturday, June 09, 2012

The Elements of Style

I wrote this post several weeks ago and never posted it. But I've had a request for more Isla pictures, so feast your eyes on this sugar lump of a girly-girl!

We are entering a whole new world of fashion with Isla. It's more fun than I had anticipated. I like having a boy because I like being able to put him in whatever I pull out of his drawers and go about our day. It seemed like my friends with girls were grappling with fashion issues that I never had to think about.

However, it turns out it's pretty fun to put together an ensemble. Here is one that I don't think could possibly be any girlier:

Bows? Animal print? Yes.

 Ruffles? Pink? Sparkles? Of Course!

Work it, girl!                            

I don't think she's going to be any sort of fashionista in the long run since I am her mother and my main fashion goal is to make it out of the house with the minimum amount of spit up on my clothes as possible (notice I didn't say no spit up because that would be unrealistic). But  while she is still the recipient of uber- fashionable clothes from her great grandmother and other friends, she can be dressed to the nines.          

Here are some more recent pictures:

Does this face (above) look familiar?


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