Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Lemonade Party or Thank You, Pinterest, for Taking Over My LIfe

Saturday, we celebrated John's second birthday with a lemonade-themed party at the splash park. Despite the title of this post, the party was actually fairly simple to pull off. But there's no way I ever would have thought of making pinwheels if it had not been for Pinterest. Now I am helplessly caught wandering in Pinterest's impeccably decorated, endless labyrinth of ideas. I don't think John understands anything about it being his birthday. Though he does say "happy day!" (happy birthday) and he answers "two" when asked how old he is. Still, his lack of understanding has made me really consider whether I might lower my party standards for child number 2 and her parties until she knows what a birthday means. But there is something about seeing a bunch of two-year-olds running through the water with the pure joy of being two that is very special. Even if they'll have no memories of it whatsoever, I'll remember it, I suppose!

Birthday boy with my Mom, his favorite person!

 I was going for old-fashioned lemonade stand (pinterest idea!). Unfortunately we didn't have the lemonade ready when this picture was taken. But it did eventually make it to the table.

 Here, I was trying to convince John not to ruin the artistic integrity of the table before the party actually started. You can imagine how that turned out. (Look at those cute little baby feet sticking out of the carrier!)

If you ever need to attract large swarms of toddlers just put out a few snacks. Like moths to a flame!

 I wish I had more detailed pictures of John running through the splash pad. He was having So. Much. Fun.

 I can't believe it's been two years. It's gone by fast! We've loved every minute! 


Anonymous said...

John looks so cute and happy. And your party is so pretty. You are a super mom, Leslie. I can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks and meet Baby Isla.

Melissa said...

Oh yay! It turned out great! Way to use Pinterest and your own creative gifts :)

Vanessa Rogers said...

Leslie, I LOVE pinterest. I've been an addict for a while now. The party looked like it was lots of fun. Can't wait to see you when you get here next weekend.