Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Knocking on the Door of Two

John will turn two on May 13th. I should write a longer update on him around then. But if I don't get to that, which is a distinct possibility, I wanted to write down some things while I have a chance.

He really loves animals and is quite proficient at a myriad of animal sounds.

I haven't taught him a flamingo sound (what sound does a flamingo make?). But he does know how a flamingo stands:

Isn't that cute?! (If I do say so myself.) (Note: The flamingo part is the standing one leg. The upraised arm and ruler- I don't know what that's about.)

He's at such a fun age. He's becoming so much more verbal and we've been having honest-to-goodness discussions about literature! One book we've been reading of late is the tome "What makes Elmo Happy?"

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Recently he was chattering on and I heard him say "Elmo, happeeee."

 I asked him,"what makes Elmo happy?"

 He responded by saying "Momeeee, dadeee."

"What else?"

"Ouside" (outside).

"What else?"

Eeyou (you).

And indeed, these are all mentioned in the book as things that make Elmo happy! He recalled them without prompting (other than the question "what makes Elmo happy?").

 Today he picked up a book about Noah's ark and said "ark." I asked "what happened on the ark?" He said "animals." I mean, he didn't give me a dissertation or anything, but he's got the gist!

Doesn't this demonstrate reading comprehension and memory! It's so exciting! I can't wait until we get to J.R.R. Tolkein! (What makes Frodo happy?)

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