Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bluebonnet Pictures

I do love Texas wildflowers. Bluebonnets in particular. There are few things prettier than a sea of those blue flowers. I hope to make taking bluebonnet pictures with the kids a tradition each spring. However, it gets trickier as they get more mobile. John was mostly cooperative this year. While Isla did exactly what we wanted her to do: nothing! On the Saturday before Easter, we drove out to Chappell Hill to find a patch of bluebonnets. My mom, who was in town helping us adjust to two kids, accompanied us. Chappell Hill is a charming little place. And I do mean little. There is approximately one block with a row of charming shops. The rest is rural pasture land. We ate at a cute restaurant called Bever's Kitchen. Their food and pie were excellent! By the time we made our trip this year the flowers had already peaked, making it difficult to find a nice blue field. Their season was early due to our balmy winter. But we found a modest little patch that did the job nicely:

 Isla Rose, 10 days old

Both children cooperating


John, in typical toddler fashion, loves to be photographed unless it's a picture that I really want to take. When we have the camera out he often starts saying "cheese!" and asking for "muh" (more) pictures. But when we try to pose him for something, he's much less amenable. 

Nonetheless, I was happy with our photo shoot this year! Here are some cute ones from last spring. 

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