Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Recently I sparked a three year old girl's first discussion about the birds and the bees. She's the youngest of four so she never saw her mother pregnant and since she's only three she probably doesn't have a good memory of other pregnant ladies she may have seen in her life. The things she said certainly weren't original in the realm of comments that children make to pregnant women. But they were new to me and to her too!

She became perplexed about my disproportionate girth and asked "what's in your shirt?"

"What do you think it is?" I replied.

"A ball."

"No, but that's a pretty good guess."

I went on to explain that it is actually a baby and that not so long ago she was a tiny baby in her Mama's belly.

"I want that baby to come out now!" She declared.

"I think I know exactly how you feel," I said, "but we'll just have to be patient and wait."

For the rest of the evening she spread the news to anyone who would listen about the baby in my tummy and how she wanted it to come out.

I was wearing a shirt that had a keyhole cutout and tied at the neck. She made a few attempts to untie it which, she eventually explained, she thought would result in the baby coming out. If only it were that easy!

Today when I saw her she stuck her tummy out, ostensibly in an imitation of me.

"Do you have a big belly?" I asked.

"No, but you do!" she said.

True enough. Here I am at 39 weeks:

I'm still feeling really good and sleeping well. Though I'm definitely tiring easily and also noticing more emotional swings- mostly when I'm tired. So, I've resorted to generally not talking after about 10 pm. I figure that a lot of the things that come into my mind to say at that point are hormone-fueled nonsense!

I don't think I've mentioned on here that Peter has a big exam next Saturday the 31st. So, we're really hoping to get past that before this baby comes. Not that we have much control. But I went 1 week over with John so I'm thinking there's a good chance I'll go a over my "due date" with this baby as well. Also, I'm supposed to see the Hunger Games that night too, so that would be cool if I could make it!

I'm kind of torn because as much as I'd like to meet this baby, part of me even wants to go 10 days over my due date (I think that's the most my OB would let me go) because I feel like there's so much I could get done! But, come next weekend I might be kicking myself for even thinking such a thing. I'm not feeling too uncomfortable but I have a feeling I'm vastly overestimating the amount of things I could get done in 10 days at 40-41 weeks pregnant since sometimes even getting out of a chair is cause enough for me to take a nap.

People ask me if I 'm ready for the baby. I really don't know how to answer that. I am excited! I have most of my to-do list done and I have 2-3 weeks of food in the freezer, which was of utmost importance to me. So, in that sense, I guess I'm ready. But I don't think that means I'm really ready for the life-changing that will occur. John was much easier than I expected. So maybe this will be a fairly smooth and easy transition too. But there are certain things that I won't be able to do with two children that I could do with one- like napping when John naps. I'm sure with two kids I'll almost always have one awake. Is there ever a point in my life when I'll be ready to give up naps? No. So, in that sense I'm definitely not ready. Thankfully, the baby will come whether I'm ready or not and I know I'll love having him or her in our family, lack of naps notwithstanding.

I keep on thinking of things that I'd like to do before the baby comes. Actually, everything I've ever wanted to do in my life seems to have made its way to a list on the refrigerator. I've had to accept that it's unrealistic to anticipate getting all of it done. And I've been telling myself that life does not end with the arrival of another child even if some of my to-dos have to go on the back burner for a while.

I have a few more posts in my mind. Hopefully I'll get to them this week when I'm likely to still be a one-child woman!

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