Sunday, March 04, 2012

Back and Bigger Than Ever

Hi everyone! Wow, I really fell off the face of the interwebs. And it wasn't just my blog that didn't get any attention. I have hardly been online at all. It started in mid December when I was in a mad rush to finish Christmas gifts. Then in January, our computer broke and it took a while to research what we should get, buy a new one and get it up and running. Peter has a laptop that I've used but it is quite an infuriating machine. The web browser on it crashes frequently. It is a mini laptop and the keyboard is way too small for my apparently Andre-the-Giant sized hands. It would take me forever to type anything when I had to delete every other letter. Also, Peter had to use it most evenings when I would normally write posts. Most recently I've been slogging my way through my pre baby #2 to-do list which keeps growing as I think of new tasks that, despite the fact that many of them have been sitting unfinished for months and years, I feel compelled to complete right now. So with that perfect storm of factors I definitely got out of the routine of blogging. But I have missed it! That, and my life and this pregnancy has been largely undocumented, which I kind of feel bad about. So I hope to get back into it. Thank you to those of you who have expressed concern about my lack of communication or have let me know that you miss the posts!

So, for an update, I'll start with me. Here I am today at 36.5 weeks:

Dear New Baby,

Please don't think that my lack of photo documentation and rumination about you and the miracle of pregnancy this time around is an indication of my excitement to see you. I'm very much looking forward to snuggling with you and kissing your face! It's just that your big brother requires about 1,000 times more attention than you do at this point. And since you lack the ability to protest the fact that you are being neglected, I find myself prone to tend to the child who has, in his almost two years, learned many loud and messy ways to let me know when he needs attention. Sadly this is the lot of second and all subsequent children: less personal parental attention than the first child received during his only-child years. However it also happens to be your lot as a second child that you will have the greatest big brother ever. I think you will find him to be a barrel of fun and I know he will love you. He already frequently says "hi baby" to you while patting you fondly. He also gives you hugs and kisses a lot. He won't even give me hugs and kisses. Never mind that I am the one who was in labor for 30 hours to bring him into this world. So you can really consider yourself special! It won't be long now until you will be here and, I promise, I will take more pictures then. If I can help it, I won't leave your life a black hole of documentation as I have done with this second pregnancy! I can't wait to see you!


This pregnancy has been nearly identical to my first one. Thankfully, it has been very easy, especially once I got out of the queasy, zombie-like haze of the first trimester. Since the pregnancies have been similar, do you think it means that this is most likely another boy? I think it is a boy but I'm not nearly as certain as I was with John.

At this point in the pregnancy, all of the helpful lay obstetricians of the world are are at the ready with their prognostications about when I'll have the baby and the gender as well as plenty of comments about my size and waddling. Even my actual OB does not purport to have nearly the insight of many of the people I meet at Target on a given day!

I've stayed pretty active exercising with this baby but as of this week, with one month left, I'm pretty much toning it back to just doing the elliptical and swimming. It is getting harder to move quickly. And forget bending over. But overall I feel excellent. I'm sleeping well, albeit with an average of 40 pillows.

I hope to post an update on the World's Greatest, Cutest, Smartest Big Brother later this week!


Rachel said...

You look great, Leslie! I am going to guess girl, but I really have no basis for that guess whatsoever. Just like the people at Target. I am so excited for you guys!

Anonymous said...

so happy to see you back, have missed your wonderful stories and of course pictures of baby John, I feel we have missed so much, he is probably grown by now...hahaha! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

How cute your look!!!

Erin said...

Leslie, So glad you are back! I was wondering, and have been meaning to email to check in with you! Enjoy this last month, and try not to get too nostalgic :)