Friday, March 09, 2012

Baby John: 22 Months

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Baby John will be 22 months on Tuesday. In a few short weeks, he won't be baby John any more!

I don't know where to start about John. The first year of development was quite impressive: In a mere 12 months going from unable to hold your own head up to walking and talking is a feat. I'd say the second year is more nuanced but equally impressive. He's doing so many things now that I couldn't possibly discuss them all. I am constantly impressed by how observant he is and how much is memory is developing.

Happy (late) Valentine's Day!

He's not super verbal but he's picking up new words all the time. Most of them you'd be hard pressed to understand without the help of a translator/mom. For example "buh" could refer to a bear, bath, book, boat, ball, bird or bowl.

He's putting words together. Most of these inchoate sentences orbit around the central theme of wanting more food. "Muh sees" (more cheese), "muh cuca" (more cupcakes- we've gone to a lot of birthday parties recently), for example. He also loves to "doh bye bye" (go bye bye.)

And speaking of him wanting more food, several years ago I was watching an interview with Reese Witherspoon and she was talking about how your children's needs supersede your own and if your kid wants your bagel then you have to give him your bagel. And, at the time, I found that curious. I was kind of like, "why would you have to give all your food to your kids?" NOW I KNOW. It is impossible to eat in peace when your child is standing at your feet whining for your food even though he just ate a full lunch and you are hungry. John has a very sensitive food radar and he knows when I'm trying to sneak snacks in the kitchen. So, I do a lot of my eating when he's sleeping!

I would say that we are in the very early stages of potty training. About a month ago he made it known that he understands what "tee tee" is when he abruptly got down from the kitchen chair and ran over to me urgently declaring "tee tee!" I should say that he was sitting on the chair sans clothes or diaper. I wasn't sure what he was telling me so I went over to the chair and saw that he most definitely had just "tee teed!" on it. Now, he does not fail to make it known when anyone in the house has to visit the bathroom. We're not really doing much active potty training because I know when I have the new baby in a few weeks I won't have much time to devote to it. But we have checked out a few potty time videos- watching videos in which children sing about poo poo and tee tee was one thing I never pictured myself doing back in my single/childless years. We also bought him a potty chair which he loves to sit on while saying "tee tee." But he has not yet tee teed in the potty and he's equally interested in dragging the potty seat around the house and putting toys in it. Both of the latter, we're actively discouraging!

There is one crucial misunderstanding that must be cleared up before potty training can commence in earnest, I think. And that is poo poo vs. boo boo. Right now he has the two confused. I don't think he has any idea what poo poo is. But every time I change his diaper he gleefully announces "tee tee!" and then, his countenance changes to that of concern while he solemnly says "boo boo" while pointing to his head (where he had a boo boo in the past). So, he associates tee tee and boo boos which isn't exactly the connection that needs to be made! (If anybody has potty training advice, please, don't hold back!)

It's also really cute that whenever he hurts himself he will come to me saying "boo boo," and asking for a kiss to make it all better.

One thing he loves to do is climb up on our bed during the day saying "nigh nigh" and asking for a blanket.

But do you really think he intends to take a nap? Let's take a look:

No! And I'm like "child, don't toy with me!"

He also loves to stack all sorts of objects. Here is one of his more impressive structures. He's always very proud to show us his "tas" (stacks).

I feel like there's so much more I could say. Hopefully I'll be better at my updates and then I won't have to combine 3 months worth of development which has all blurred together!


Anonymous said...

I am sooooo excited that you are back on line. I did go through withdrawal and I did live to read this after withdrawal but I am so glad to see you are here. Baby John is so lucky to have you as a mom as is Baby #2. Tell both of them hi from their biggest fan (and a good friend of Hoss). Terry

Vanessa Rogers said...

I'm very glad to see you back to blogging. I missed hearing about what all is going on in your life!! Can't wait to meet the little one when I'm home.

J-Gro said...

I love this. :) :)