Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Word Wise Wednesday

I was recently politely taken to task about my use of the word anyways on this blog. (And, please, do correct me! By all means!) The commenter said that since I'm into correct grammar she was surprised that I was using it. First, let me point out that though I do indeed appreciate correct grammar and often wish I had an excuse to do more sentence diagramming, I do not claim to be good at it! I'm certainly an amateur. I'm like those guys that drink beer, eat junk food and watch every single football game. They're not actually good at football. They just like it. All they can do is yell at the screen, admonishing the players to "focus!," but they have very few, if any, football skills.

Today was the first time I had ever heard that the word anyways might not be proper usage. But it appears to be true. I have not consulted a formal style manual (I actually don't have one and I am too cheap to buy one for the sake of writing occasional grammar posts on my blog, though it would be helpful!) but according to a brief online course through Google U, anyways is a colloquial corruption of anyway. It is considered nonstandard usage and therefore should be avoided. If you are really die hard or having a conversation with an English professor, perhaps you should avoid it altogether. If you're more lax with your grammar you can get by with avoiding it in writing, especially any professional writing. And if you're texting with someone from my sister's peer group, you must, of course, use the tech-savvy generation's spelling: n e way.

I learn something new everyday! And sometimes it's a little embarrassing that I'm just now learning these things. Like when I didn't learn until game 7 of the World Series that St. Louis wasn't in Minnesota! I don't know what I was thinking...

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Anonymous said...

Very cool Leslie, let me say that I learn something every time I read your blog, and you are exceptional with your writing skills and you desire to always try to do the right thing.....that's why I thought it would be good to use this as a learning experience for myself as well as for all your other followers. Thanks for looking into n e ways...(haha) you have made the world a better place and keep up the good work!! Dawn