Thursday, November 10, 2011



I've heard that two things happen earlier in your second pregnancy: feeling fetal movement and showing. And both are true for me! I've really enjoyed feeling the baby moving more this early. I don't even think I'd felt John move at this point yet. The fact that strangers have started to ask me when I'm due is also exciting, though about two months ahead of the time when people started to take note that I was pregnant with John. This isn't a bad thing, yet it has me wondering: if I'm two months bigger than I was with John at this point, am I going to end up looking and feeling 48 weeks pregnant by the time this is all over!? Rationally, I don't think things quite work that way. But I'm hoping all my maternity clothes hold out!


Since he got his cast, it's like John has started over in his motor skills development. Last week he could only scoot and roll around, then he started to crawl, now he's pulling up and starting to hobble. Overall he's handling things really well. He hasn't been in pain. The worst part is that he gets frustrated that he can't be as mobile as he'd like and we haven't been going outside much because I don't want him crawling around in the dirt and getting grit inside the cast. Generally he's a happy little camper.

We've been watching way too much tv, however, in lieu of not being able to do much outside. We'll have some habits to break when this month is up! (I have all of the songs on the Baby Signing Time dvd's memorized!)

We attempted a first real bath last Friday and it did not go well! Prior to that I'd just been wiping John down. Friday Peter and I wrapped his cast in plastic bags, ran water in the shower, and attempted to give him a good old-fashioned scrubbing. Also, his hair really needed a washing because it had been smeared with mashed potatoes at a recent meal. I think this was the least fun bath time of John's life. He was miserable because he wanted to play in the water but could not. The plastic bags fell off mid way through and at some point while wrangling a slippery baby, Peter actually thought he might've accidentally broken John's arm (he didn't!). Yet I suppose we can consider it success because it did not result in a trip to the orthopedist to get a wet cast replaced with a dry one.


I found a good toddler (and mom!) snack. We've been getting some pears from the farmer's market that are very good but hard, like apples. John will eat them but he's not great at it, not having his full complement of teeth and all. He kind of has to shave away at the slices. So, I've been baking the pears with honey and cinnamon on top. Baking them makes them soft enough for John to eat. They're delicious! Like dessert. In fact, if I can convince him that fruit like this is dessert, I will be very happy!

As far as actual desserts, I think I found my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe. They're very simple but really good. And there are a lot of variations included in the recipe.

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