Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Not -So-Subtle Announcement

I made a subtle announcement in this blog post. But only one person commented on it. (You got it, Susie!) So, here's something a little less subtle:

18 weeks pregnant with baby number two and showing a little earlier this time!

Pregnancy FAQ:

Due: April

How am I feeling: Much better now.

Will we find out the gender: No. Well, not until the birthday.

Do I want a boy or girl: Boy. Of course I'd be thrilled with a girl. But John has been such a joy that if he'd been a jellyfish, I'd want another jellyfish. And thank goodness he wasn't a jellyfish because can you imagine carrying around all of that saltwater aquarium equipment?! Peter says he'd be happy either way. We have this conversation all the time:

Me: What do you think it is?
Peter: I don't know, it could be either.
Me: I know but what do you think?!
Peter: sigh

I think it's another boy. And so far I'm 100% on gender predictions in my pregnancies!

The knowledge of this pregnancy was much more sobering than the first one. I was feeling quite discouraged for a while chasing John around while dead tired and sometimes queasy. I questioned how I was ever going to add another child to the mix without ending up in the loony bin- even if I just checked myself in for a nap! These days, the first trimester cloud has lifted, my energy is rebounding and I'm a lot more excited about things. Plus I've noticed that many of my friends have two children (or more) and none of them have had to check themselves into the loony bin. Not even for a nap. Don't get me wrong, I was always thankful and excited about the new baby. But I was doubting my ability to cope with it all. Now that I can make it through the day without either throwing up or having to take a nap, I have a much sunnier outlook!

Incidentally, I want to say that the term "morning sickness" could only have been coined by a man. Someone who had merely theoretical knowledge of such a thing. Mine was never just in the morning and it was worse at night.

We waited longer than I'd anticipated to tell people for various reasons. One was that we could never decide how we wanted to do it (we ended up putting him in his big brother t-shirt and seeing who noticed). After I got a stomach virus at the end of the first trimester, I wanted to go to my next doctor's appointment just to make sure he didn't have any concerns. After waiting all those weeks, we didn't let the baby out of the bag a moment too soon. When the news was out several people informed me that they had noticed that I was getting a gut. And they're very right. Like blowing up a balloon, things give more easily the second time around!


Laura Stiller said...

You're so subtle and I'm so unobservant! Congrats! Yes, I think pregnancy is harder the second time around simply b/c you have a toddler to chase after. Can't wait to hear if it's a boy or a girl!

Beth said...

Congrats! I can't believe I didn't notice the shirt! I was surprised how fast the belly grows the second time around as well. I think I started wearing maternity clothes at 14 weeks or so.

And we're due only 3 weeks apart! We're not finding out gender either, but I'm hoping for a girl, since they're so much fun! :-)

Susie said...

Yayyyy Leslie!!! I am so excited for you, Peter, and big brother ;) (wink wink) John! Will enjoy reading your thoughts on your second pregnancy. So glad you're feeling better and I too think we should lobby (not sure WHO to lobby but anyway.....) to have the term changed to "chronic three month 24 hour sickness". Clearly, the same guy who invented thongs and high heels also coined the stupid morning sickness term. Whoo hoo second trimester! Congrats again!

While We Wait said...

I actually commented too but then it didn't want to go through so I just sent the email you already got from me. So happy for you, sweet friend!!!! And you look beautimous!!

Rachel said...

Congratulations!!! I did not get the other announcement as I am mostly skimming blogs these days. :/ I am so excited for you! And I agree, the night sickness is the worst! I hope you have a great rest of pregnancy.