Friday, October 14, 2011

Word Wise Wednesday Even Though I Know It's Friday

On Tuesday night after my Bible study, I could be found lurking around an empty parking lot taking grainy photos with my phone. What could I have been doing? Only documenting the downfall of our society (at least grammatically speaking)! People, this is what the world is coming to. In the future, our children will have no idea what a plural possessive is and here is evidence:

This establishment purports to be an academy. Could the irony be any more palpable?

And there's this gem:
Due to the poor quality, you probably can't read the slogan of this "academy" posted on their van: Learning Begins Here. I hope it doesn't end there because I think some things will be lacking!

Am I mission something? I almost can't believe that it would get to the point of hanging a huge neon sign without someone proofreading.

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