Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Recipes and Photos

I always get so excited about Fall cooking (mainly baking). Last year I had a whole list of new things to try but I didn't make any of my old favorites. So, I thought that this year I'd try to make my favorites and cool it on trying new things. No such luck! I haven't gone crazy with new recipes but the itch is there and the lineup is in my mind. Anyways, here are two I've tried so far:

Pumpkin Cranberry muffins- These were delicious but sweet. Next time I plan to use whole wheat flour and cut down a bit on the sugar.

Pumpkin Cornmeal muffins- With these I did cut down on the sugar, which I won't do next time. They have a really nice flavor but they're a little bland! I might cut down on the sugar for John's muffins but not for mine!

I've been making mini muffins for John. They're easy on busy mornings!

Another Fall love of mine is pumpkin patches. John and I have been making the rounds from San Antonio to Louisiana (I did not go to SA or Louisiana just for the pumpkin patches, however. I am not so die hard. We were visiting family.) Last year taking pictures was so easy when John couldn't even sit up unassisted and had to be propped up by the pumpkins. This year is a different story. I have to take 1,000 pictures of that little rascal to get one where he's sitting still!

I'm going to try to photoshop my sister's arm out of this one. (Nothing against you, aunt Di di!)

Don't you just love that pumpkin orange color?! It's one of my favorites!

Not a pumpkin patch picture, but I'm throwing this one in for free!


Anonymous said...

Leslie, check the usage of the word "anyways" I believe you will find it is not proper english. I sort of remember an English teacher ranting about the misuse of that word and since you are into proper use of words, I was surprised to see you use it here......just curious! So sorry to hear about Baby John, hope he is up and around soon..... Dawn

Peter and Leslie said...

I will look into it post haste, Dawn!

Susie said...

Leslie! Is John's shirt giving us a secret message?!?