Monday, September 12, 2011

The Trouble With Mom Hearing

Over Labor Day Weekend we visited our families in San Antonio. One of my goals was to sleep until I woke up naturally at least one day while Peter got up with John. This posed some challenges because Peter could sleep through a gun fight and will never hear John crying when he wakes up. I, on the other hand, will be aroused by the sound of air particles circulating through space.

I hear everything! I hear those O2 particles colliding! I may be exaggerating a little bit. But I've heard a few people talk about "mom hearing": the idea that after they've had kids they're attune to every little bump in the night (or day). I don't know if this phenomenon actually has to do with becoming a mother. It's possible that there just weren't nearly so many things to hear in the middle of the night before I had a baby. But I do feel like my sleep has gotten much lighter as I've grown older.

Anyways, our challenge in San Antonio wasn't resolved very successfully. One night I put ear plugs in hoping that when John cried loud enough in the morning Peter, or someone else in the house, would hear it and get up with him. This worked! Peter did hear John and I didn't! But then Peter said "John's awake," which I did hear since Peter was right next to me. Then after that, even with ear plugs in, I was awake and I could hear John squawking downstairs, which he customarily does when his food is not forthcoming at a pace he approves of. I could hear this despite the fact that John was at the other end of the house and I had earplugs in.

Has anyone else experienced the "mom hearing"? I suppose acute senses are something to be grateful for. Maybe one day it will save us from a disaster like a mudslide. I think I could probably hear mud creeping down a hill. I only wish that I had a portable soundproof booth for those moments when I really don't need to hear anything.


Laura Stiller said...

Yes - I have the same problem. I can't tell you how many times Danny and I have struck up an agreement where he promises "to get up with Cannon so you can rest." Well, that usually results in me hearing Cannon in the morning talk to himself, whine, cry and then scream only to repeatedly hit Danny saying, "HE'S AWAKE." Danny usually says "Okay, I'll get him in just a minute." So my "sleep in morning" turns into "who can listen to Cannon cry the longest" morning which is just not fun.

Rachel said...

Yes! It just gets worse as there are more of them. I even hear phantom cries/yells at times, but it is usually just the neighbor kids or a dog.

Susie Trip said...

I can hear Meagan's breathing change when she's in
her carseat and were barreling down the highway with music on and I'm driving and I know she's about to wake up. I also hear the cats meowing on the front porch and think it's her crying from inside the house in the bedroom. The mommy hearing thing is true. (clearly there is no such "daddy hearing" phenomenon!!! I can attest to that also!)

Peter and Leslie said...

Oh dear! I'm would say that I'm glad I'm not the only one going through "mom hearing" but that's not exactly true. I wish you all were getting a sounder night's sleep than me! But at least we can commiserate.