Saturday, September 17, 2011

Now He's All Business

We gave John his first, long overdue, haircut last night. He had grown quite a mullet which was garnering frequent comments. So, we finally cut his hair last night and I surprised myself by becoming nostalgic and saying things like:

"John look at all your beautiful hair! We're cutting off all of John's beautiful hair!"

Now, post hair cut, he looks so old to me! Old meaning like a little boy and less like a baby. But he does look much more clean cut. I didn't quite realize the extent of the mullet until we had cut it off.

Party in the back

Post haircut

After a cut and style by Peter

Peter may have missed his calling as a barber. He does his own haircuts and they always look smashing. As does John's, as you can see.

This has nothing to do with mullets, but we babysat the other night for a friend's baby who is a week younger than John. Aren't they cute?

We had fun, but I'm definitely glad that I don't have twins. My mother in law had her oldest child and then a set of twins 17 months apart. She had 3 under 2! Now that I have one 16 month old who runs me ragged daily, I really think anyone who can make it through 3 under 2 should be President or get a Nobel prize or something, right?

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