Friday, September 09, 2011

Mensa, here we come

John is technically speech delayed, I was informed at his 15 month appointment. Technically, but not really. Sort of but not exactly. He doesn't say any words (not even Mama, Dada). But he does signs which my pediatrician said some people count as words. Apparently some research has been done that suggests that the same parts of the brain are active when speaking as when signing.

Despite this, Peter and I (who are not biased) have decided that John is headed straight for Mensa. If fact, I'm surprised that they haven't called requesting his membership.

He can now do three animal sounds. He does his lion (which I posted a video of a few weeks ago), and now he can do snake and owl.

He also can correctly identify his head and belly. (Any other body part you ask him about, he will just point to his mouth.)

He's also started doing two more signs: "hot", and "thank you."

We are so impressed with our boy and truly believe he is a genius! Strangely enough, I briefly looked at the Mensa website and they didn't list animal sounds or correctly identifying body parts as part of their requirements. There must be some mistake.

Regarding the speech delay, I'm feeling pretty laid back about it. I know he's understanding things. I know of plenty of kids who didn't speak until closer to two who are now doing just fine for themselves (Peter being one example). The longer I'm a parent (which, admittedly hasn't been very long) the more skeptical I am of those milestone charts. They serve their purpose, I guess, but there's such a huge variety of normal that I think they can also plant little seeds of paranoia.

In my super-laid-back parenting attitude, I don't want to overlook an actual problem. So the plan is to wait until 18 months and then get an Early Childhood Intervention referral if we need it. Which, I will happily do. It's free and it can't hurt. And maybe it would help. I'm serious about getting him into Mensa.

Here, I should post a picture of John. But I've been remiss at taking photos lately because he never sits still!


Laura Stiller said...

I'm behind you in parenting, but I wanted to encourage you in regards to those darn questions pediatricians ask. Cannon was technically "verbally delayed" according to the questionnaires at his 6-month and 9-month appointments and the doctor even asked if we wanted to start speech therapy before his first birthday. We decided to wait and see how he was doing at a year - well, he's more than caught up. I think alot of times babies develop on their own schedule. You know your son and if he's doing all those things and you know he's healthy and being loved then he's probably developing just fine!

Vanessa Rogers said...

Oh yes, he's definitely mensa material!! NO doubt about it. I expect him to support us by the time he's five. Let him know for me please. :)