Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Word Wise Wednesday: Punctuation Never Looked So Cute

I just got back today from San Antonio. I originally went for my 10 year (!) high school reunion last weekend, but ended up staying for longer than I had originally planned. I was keeping my mom company while my jet-setting sister flew off to soak up some sun in Miami. I am worn out! I don't know why. It's not like I was super busy or anything, but travel always seems exhausting. I hope to write about my reunion soon. I'm so glad I went. But for now I'll leave you with this:

This is the dress I almost bought to wear to the reunion. It is a dress from a website called Modcloth and guess what it's called? Declarative Imperative! It's basically a dress of periods, people! Or, as they say in England, full stops. How fun is that?! I bet you didn't know that punctuation was so fashionable. Here's the description of the dress online:

"Although all punctuation marks certainly fill irreplaceable roles in structure, the most hard-working of all must be the full stop. Parsing out paragraphs into digestible chunks of information or adding. extra. emphasis. for effect, these simple dots tirelessly devote themselves to enhancing our understanding. In their honor, you've decided to festoon yourself in a flock of full stops fancifully frolicking on this fetching frock. Although some may favor the flashiness of exclamations and others may prefer the ambiguity of the interrogative, you prefer elegant simplicity. You'll be making just the right statement in this declaratory dress. Period."

Though this might possibly be the perfect dress for me, in the end I didn't buy anything new because I am cheap. Actually, I wore a skirt that I bought in high school. I think that skirt is about 12 years old. Gotta love vintage!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

yes, yes!! I want to hear about the reunion- and have a lovely email please, from my lovely Leslie!