Tuesday, August 23, 2011

John the Lion

Peter recently got a new camera with video capabilities! Here's a short video of some of John's tricks.

On Sunday he learned to roar. I'm trying to teach him that roaring is what a lion says.

A friend was over Sunday and I was explaining to her how John learned to roar.

"Peter was changing John's diaper and..."

"... growling at John?" She questioned.

"...yes. I suppose that is what happened." I said.

For some reason it sounded awfully strange as I started to explain it but, there you have it. Peter was roaring while changing John's diaper and John imitated it. Is that unorthodox diaper- changing behavior?

You can also see John answering other simple questions and doing the signs for down and more.

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Jill said...

Leslie, how fun to see John in action! I love it! So neat since we're not able to be with you in person.... :)