Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fat Lip

John with a fat lip

John is 15 months today. I think it was a good day for him. Though there was an episode in the middle when he fell flat on his face while running at top speed (top speed for him) and busted his bottom lip, which you can see in the picture above.

Speaking of running at top speeds, the boy never stops. He never sits down. He is so very busy! It is exhausting just watching him! But this is a very fun age (as usual, I always say that.) He continues to improve his motor skills: he runs, climbs, stomps his feet, claps his hands, spins around, throws a ball. He loves to put things in other things and then take them out.

Still no verbal words but he's signs "more," "down," and "please." I'm not concerned about the lack of words because I know he understands a lot. When asked "how old are you?" he holds up his pointer finger. When asked "where is your head?" or "did you bump your head (which he often does)?" he pats his head. He can follow commands like "sit down," "go get a book," "put such and such into such and such."

Responding to "how old are you?"

Responding to "Where's your head?" in quite a dramatic fashion

Though he is lengthening out and getting skinny, he still loves to eat. Fruit is his favorite: peaches, melon, berries, bananas. He loves fruit. He will eat veggies with some coaxing. He also likes eggs and cheese. But he'll eat just about anything.

He still takes two naps, one at 10 am and one at 3 pm (I love this). He goes to bed at 8 pm. He now has a "lovie," pictured above. He's had that little thing in his crib since he was born along with a few other small toys. But he's recently shown a preference for that particular one. He carries it around while sucking his thumb.

He also loves to stand on that footstool that you can see above. Today Peter dubbed it the "death stool" because it frequently topples over. He has yet to hurt himself (and I really don't think he will hurt himself, it's like a foot off the ground...). I just asked Peter if we should admit on this blog that we let our son climb onto and topple off of a "death stool." He replied that his parents let their children do it. This stool used to be at his grandparents' house. When they would visit, all the kids would climb on and fall off. So the death stool is an established Ness Family Tradition and we must respect tradition! Besides they all turned out okay (most of them).

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Vanessa Rogers said...

I think here in Korea, you would definitely be considered bad parents for allowing jon to even look at a death stool. I'm reprimanded for allowing my kids to go outside, and absolutely no running is allowed. I love his blond locks!