Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Word Wise Wednesday

Okay, I had an idea that may or may not be good or attainable for me. I enjoy writing and I'd like to improve my writing skillz. Lately I've found myself composing posts in my head about various grammar-related topics that I'd like to discuss such as commonly misused words and punctuation marks. Beyond that, I have had a growing uneasy feeling that I don't actually know how to use commas, and that most of my sentences are run-ons.

I am one of those rare people who fervently wishes that I'd had the opportunity to diagram more sentences in high school. Seriously, I find it enthralling. Yet, correct grammar, I've found, like other aspects of language, requires constant practice. If you don't use it, you lose it. (At least I do.) And goodness knows, most of us have lost it. Of all the grammar I must have learned at some point in my life, little remains in my working knowledge. You might have noticed from reading here that I sprinkle commas around haphazardly like an over-zealous flower girl gleefully tossing daisies around the entire church.

So, every Wednesday I'm tentatively planning to write a grammarphile post, hence: Word Wise Wednesday. This might fall through, as regular deadlines are not my forte. But, if nothing else, I might learn a thing or two. I'm hoping to clear up some of my own grammar misunderstandings so that I appear less ignorant and grow more adept at writing.

Any of you reading this who happen to be grammarphiles can accompany me on my grammarlicious journey! On the other hand, if this kind of thing makes you have a semi-anaphylactic reaction, I understand. Some of us (surely it's not only me?) just can't let go of those heady, sentence-diagramming high school days.


Vanessa Rogers said...

Leslie! Your so silly. That's why I love you!

Karen said...

Oh, please do! I always worry I'm inadvertently using incorrect grammar or vocabulary, and I'd love some lessons/refreshers on the rules. (Are you for or against Oxford commas?)

Peter and Leslie said...

Vanessa, were you being ironic with your comment or do I need to plan a Word Wise Wednesday lesson for you!? (Also, good grammar is never silly.) :o)

I did not know about the Oxford comma debate! But I've briefly researched it since you mentioned it. Personally, I don't use it. I seem to remember learning that it wasn't necessary and I'm all about simplifying punctuation! I didn't realize that it is standard in some places. What do you think?