Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We spent the last week of June in Salt Lake City. It was great to be out of our everyday routine, catch up with friends and enjoy parts of nature that aren't found around Houston. Here's a recap:

The Flights
I was concerned about the flights with John. He is a very easy-tempered baby but he likes to move. I was worried that if I tried to confine him to our laps he would transform into a fire-breathing dragon. You know how they frown upon flame-throwing devices being brought onto planes these days.

So... does this mean we can safely stow him in the overhead bins?

Happily, he was superb on both flights. He slept much less than I would've preferred, considering how tired he was- only about 40 minutes per flight split up into shorter naps. But he didn't scream the entire time (or very much at all). Success!

Finally asleep!

The Visit
We stayed with some very gracious friends who have an awesome house nestled in the foothills with a spectacular view of the valley and surrounding mountains. They were also kind enough to let us drive their Mazda sports car while we were there. Which was pretty funny, trying to get our car seat, stroller, pack and play, etc in and out of that sleek little thing! (The husband of this family is a pediatric surgeon in case you were wondering how they came to possess such an amazing house and have extra sports cars sitting around).

Our view from the back porch of the house

We had a great time catching up with friends. I wish I'd taken more pictures of the people we saw. Most of our visiting also involved eating at our favorite places, which is always a highlight of any trip we take.

The 800 mg Ibuprofen Hike

We were really looking forward to getting out and doing a day hike. We were able to do a few short ones in the city. However, we were having a hard time finding a hike that we could do in the mountains. SLC had so much snow this year that many of the peaks are still blanketed in it. Having already learned the hard way that snow-covered hikes are sometimes not so fun, we searched for one that was clear. One day I pointed across the valley to a peak that didn't look like it had any snow on it.

"Why can't we do that one?" I asked

It turns out that the one I pointed to was Mt. Olympus. It is in the pictures above, at the far right of the lower one. It is at a lower elevation and gets a lot of sun which explains why no snow remained. It's only 3.5 miles one way. It seemed like a good choice! Except for one thing. It gains 4,000 feet of elevation in that 3.5 miles; it's steep. It is a classic hike in that area so we decided to give it a try reasoning that the worst that could happen is that we get too tired, turn around and come home.

Well, that didn't happen. Actually, we did indeed get tired and come home but not before we made it to the top. It was a spectacular view. However, while coming down is usually the easy part, this hike was so steep that the descent was perhaps as taxing as climbing up. The descent is also what warranted the 800 mg of Ibuprofen that we swallowed when we returned home. (Not so much because we were in unbearable pain, though our knees were worn out, but because we wanted to curb inflammation that was sure to come after such a pounding.)

I'm so glad we did it because who knows when we'll be near the mountains again. BUT, I would not recommend hiking Mt. Olympus with a child. There was some steep stuff at the end that made me very nervous. Thankfully, Peter was as cool as a cucumber and he carted John down the steepest parts. Still though, get a baby sitter if you want to do this one!

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Vanessa Rogers said...

that would have made me nervous as well. I'm glad ya'll made is safely down :)