Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Pancakes And Some Cute John Pictures

For once I'm posting my Sunday Pancakes on Sunday!

Here's what we tried today. They were good! Hazelnut has a distinct flavor that you can really taste. However, as I'm typing this with Peter reading over my shoulder he said "I really didn't even notice the flavor."


It was there, trust me.

Part of the reason I'm trying new things so much is because I feel like one day, hopefully after a few more kids are added in, it may be a huge luxury to try a new recipe. I'll have to fall back on the ones I've become quick at throwing together over the years. I love trying new things and we're enjoying experimenting with pancakes. This is also why I read so many books. I've always loved to read but I've been more ambitious lately because I see a day in my future where the only book I read might be The Very Hungry Caterpillar over and over again...

I wish I had captured this seconds before. He was fully in the cabinet, crouched, looking out at me smiling.

Love this boy! He's a delicious dish!

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