Wednesday, July 13, 2011

14 Months Today

Sweet John is 14 months today. He's just as happy and delicious as ever! As you know, being 14 months old, he has terribly many things on his mind and must fit an astonishing amount of activities in his schedule; running to and fro, entreating snacks from strangers at the library, clapping, play dates, naps, all of these things keep him very busy!

He had his first dentist appointment yesterday. I wouldn't have taken him so early in life except for the fact that we just started seeing a new dentist who sees kids also. They offered to make an appointment for John, and there's no copay, so we went for it! There's really nothing to it at his age. She brushed his teeth and put some fluoride on them. She checked to see if any other teeth are on their way in. And she talked to me about brushing habits for John. So we've started brushing which John lets me do and even finds entertaining.

He has continued to sign "more" and "get down." "More," to him, generally adheres to its literal meaning. While, "get down," must often be interpreted more broadly to mean "I want to change my situation." He signs get down when we wants to get down (imagine that!), but also when he wants to get out of the pool, for example, or when he's gotten bored of playing and wants to do something else. He has added "please" to his repertoire of signs. It is so cute! He's a polite little guy! I'm sure he doesn't comprehend the meaning of "please", but it's a start!

He loves to clap. He understands when I say it. When, for example, we sing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands." But, in his mind, there are specific clap-worthy occasions. In the mornings when I get him up, usually he has thrown all of his toys out of the crib. I hand them to him one-by-one to put back in the crib and he claps after he puts each one in.

He's almost totally eating table food. I'm still nursing a little. But other than that, he pretty much eats what we eat. He no longer wants to be spoon fed, but prefers to finger feed himself. This has upped the mess factor at mealtime but I suppose I can't spoon feed him forever for the sake of cleanliness. Even those of us with highly developed fine motor skills are not immune to the occasional spill at dinnertime, after all!

He loves snacks and if there are any to be found where he can reach them, he will ferret them out. Last week he pulled a peach out of Peter's satchel and ate it to the pit. (Actually, it was pretty funny because John snatched the peach while Peter was in the bathroom. So John comes into the bathroom eating Peter's peach and since Peter is, ahem, preoccupied, all he can do is watch while John devours his peach.) Yesterday we went to story time at the library and he spent a lot of the time accosting children with snacks and signing "more". It sort of drives me crazy that mothers are always feeding their kids snacks. Even though, I acknowledge, I'm part of this problem. But John never wants snacks until he sees other kids with snacks. So I carry snacks around not because I think John will get hungry, but because I know that I'll have to feed him something if he sees other kids eating. But, I digress.

John has made an important life choice about what he wants to do when he grows up. Some of you might think it too early to be making such decisions. But he's clearly indicated that he wants to be a doctor:

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Erin said...

I completely agree about the snacks - my girls never want them until someone else gives their kid some. And I especially dislike inappropriate places for snacks, like the library. Or even the park, where you should be playing (not just eating, unless it is lunch time or a picnic).