Monday, June 27, 2011

A Sign of the Times

So, John has started doing two signs. And it is so cute. I wish I could get video of him performing them but we don't have a video camera (not even on Peter's iPhone) and, if we did, he probably wouldn't do them in front of the camera. He tends to get very distracted by cameras. (Is it a little neglectful that we don't have a video camera? I kind of have a pang of regret while I'm typing this. What are we going to do in our twilight years if we don't have videos of John signing to watch?!)

He does the signs for "more" and "get down". It has been so fun to see him starting to communicate. However, the downside is that he now perpetually wants to get down. And most times it seems the answer is "no, we're not going to get down right now."

It's as if the ability to ask has heightened his expectation of the gratification of his demands. Poor guy. It's hard to live a life in which most of the stuff you want to do is forbidden by your mean mama who demands that you sit in your high chair while you eat your food!

I am glad that he has started picking up on some signs because I see no words on the horizon. Of course, it could happen really quickly. Maybe tomorrow he'll start spewing words like a fire hydrant spews water. But for now, I'm happy to see some form of non-crying communication.

The other day he worked himself into a tizzy trying to get underneath the china hutch where he does not fit. I was busy cleaning and wasn't paying him too much attention. I kept making comments about the futility of trying to crawl underneath when he simply will not fit, explaining that there are laws of physics (or geometry or thermodynamics or something...) at work that prevent us from passing through solid objects! Finally I realized that he was very distraught and it occurred to me that he might be trying to get to something that had fallen underneath. Bingo. Do you know what was the object of so much consternation:

Half an O. Seriously, he eats about a million per day. But that did not curb his determination to get that half.

Here he is happily eating the fruit of all of that frustration.

Yes, I let him eat off the floor.

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up, Leslie!! And yes, I too eat off the floor. Terry