Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If You Cook It, He Will Come

If you want to be friends with John, you only need to have one thing: food. Any kind of food, all kinds of food. If you have anything edible (or, I should say, anything that he considers edible), he will seek you out and not leave your side until every last morsel is consumed. You will never have such a loyal BFF!

It need not be expensive or gourmet food. Far from having discriminating tastes, he will be equally interested weather you happen to have dog food or ice cream.

One Sunday this month a friend of mine came over with her adorable 7.5 week old fluff ball of a puppy. We put John and the puppy on the floor to play. I went into the kitchen and when I came back, instead of playing with the puppy, John was on his hands and knees with his head hanging dejectedly, crying. I learned that he was upset because my friend would not give him any dog food. I only wish I'd taken a picture of this pitiful scene!

Of course, if you are hungry and you actually want to eat your food you might consider locking yourself in the bathroom and enjoying your snack there.

The pictures below capture his M.O. quite well. He starts out begging for a bite from Peter (despite the fact that he had just had lunch) then he takes a mini little stroll to give himself time to swallow. At which point he turns back for another bite. In this situation he came towards me because he was interested in the camera that I was holding. This goes on until Peter has made it clear that he has no more food.

Right now one of John's favorite things to eat is a smoothie. He LOVES smoothies. When he sees me getting the blender out in the morning to make one, he prances and frets in anticipation at my feet until he has his little smoothie in his hands. He becomes indignant when I have to take the cup away either because the smoothie is gone or, occasionally, to fill it up with more smoothie!

If you take this away from me, I will call CPS.


Vanessa Rogers said...

have you created another foodie?

Peter and Leslie said...

Au contraire, right now I think he is the opposite of a foodie. He's more like a garbage disposal. In due time perhaps he'll become a foodie. You and uncle Kyle can help with that. :o)