Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

I am so thankful for Peter who celebrated his second Father's Day on Sunday. And I know John shares my sentiments even though he may lack the articulation.

For a gift we, John and I, made a Father's Day flower pot:

This was more difficult than I had anticipated (why I thought it would be easy to neatly capture a squirming toddler's foot or hand print on a flower pot, I can't fathom.). John and I had differing artistic visions. His was more avant garde and included paint in his ears. But, with a little persuading (read: brute force) we were able to make this delightful pot. My plan was to plant a symbolic flower in it. Alas, meeting deadlines is not my forte. So, I didn't get that done by Father's Day morn when we presented the gift. But I still may do it. It's the thought that counts?

To celebrate on Sunday I made Toffee French Toast with Pecans for breakfast. This was excellent! The toffee sauce was delicious. As is everything that is made of butter, brown sugar and cream. But the french toast itself had a lovely flavor. This is definitely a great recipe for a special occasion. Or any day, really!

I hope everyone else had a lovely Father's Day!

Some pictures of John on Father's Day:

His clothes are a little bit big but isn't this a cute outfit?!

He got it for his birthday. (From Dawn, I think. Thanks Dawn! We love it!)

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