Monday, June 13, 2011

13 Months

Last month I didn't write much about what John was doing developmentally. Instead I posted about his birthday extravaganza which was quite exciting enough! So here's an update:

At 13 months he is walking full time. He falls frequently but he has also learned to stand on his own without pulling up on anything. He is climbing on furniture and we are working on training him to only sit on chairs, couches etc. I say " we only sit..." many thousands of times per day. The one exception is our futon in the study which we've decided to let him continue running around on because it makes him so happy! He knows how to get up and down without hurting himself.

Now that he's become a full-time biped, he's also got it in his noggin that he should run away from me. Particularly when he's holding something that he knows that he's not supposed to have, like my cell phone. The phone he's often able to get off of a table or dresser using another skill that he's honing: standing on tip-toes and reaching. That skill being enhanced by continued vertical growth. He can get to almost anything now, people, is what I'm saying!

He has taken a page out of the angsty teenager playbook. By which I mean that he likes to go in his room and close the door. (He loves closing doors in general.) Instead of brooding over the unfairness of life and how his parents don't know anything, however, he usually just looks at books. Lately I've let him stay in there for a while. There's nothing in the room that I know of that could be dangerous to him. He bangs on the door when he wants to come out.

He spends a lot of his day walking around the house picking up things in one room and depositing them in another. This makes for some strange findings at the end of the day. Like the colander in the study, board books in the kitchen, coasters in John's room and my underwear in the recycling bin. Yes that did happen. He pulled them out of a clean pile of laundry and put them into the recycling bin. I'm all for recycling but that's a little extreme for even me!

He started pointing and points at everything accompanied by an inquisitive little grunt. Still no discernible words or signs.

What a fun age is 13 months! There hasn't been a month yet where I haven't said that...

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Vanessa Rogers said...

Look at that white blonde hair!! JUST like you and Peter. So cute! Give him a kiss from me :)