Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Small Time Crooks

The couple that's arraigned together stays together, right?! I can only hope.

I was driving home from Goodwill last week when I was pulled over. I was a little baffled because I knew I wasn't speeding. He was stopping me for out of date inspection and registration. Who gets pulled over for that?! During this episode I could not have more authentically come across as a car thief if I'd been trying.

The officer asked for my license, which I had, thankfully, and insurance, which I could not find. It was later found inexplicably on the floor in the back of the car. I was flustered, naturally. And I began to stammer out the reason why the registration was out of date while explaining that I do indeed have current insurance despite the fact that I cannot produce evidence of such. "By the way, did you see my cute baby in the back of the car who needs money to go to college?"

The reason for the expired registration is, in my opinion, one of the better reasons a person could have. We bought this car six months ago from a private seller who had posted his car online. When we tried to have the title transferred (which we did try!) we realized that we had to have the seller's signature on the title transfer application. A document that we didn't even know about until we attempted to transfer the title after the sale had been made. Do most people know about this application and have one ready when purchasing a car?! I was surprised that the seller's name was required on a paper which seemed like something that most people would not look into until they are already done interacting with the seller. But perhaps Peter and I are just simpletons. When we realized we would need to get back in touch with the seller, Peter didn't even have his contact information anymore. Eventually Peter tracked him down but it took a while for them to find a time to meet. I'll admit, we should have had this done by now but it got buried under other priories and then pretty soon I'm getting pulled over six months later. Without transferring the title, we couldn't update the registration. "Don't you see, Officer, this is all a big misunderstanding! Along with the fact that I can't locate my current insurance."

After my spiel, he went back to his car to determine who's vehicle I'd stolen, I'm sure, being that I was so antsy, the title was not in my name and I could not produce insurance. He returned and, to my surprise, he did not read me any Miranda rights or tell me that we needed to go down town. He simply gave me a court date, explaining that I should be able to get everything cleared if I can produce all the correct documents for the court.

Meanwhile, the next day, Peter is in a minor fender bender. Hilariously, a young Asian boy (about 10 years old) who was involved along with his mother who didn't speak English very well, threatened to sue Peter for all he is worth. Eventually the boy calmed down, a police report was written and Peter was also issued a ticket for reckless driving (Peter is not a reckless driver but, alas, the accident was his fault). The officer mentioned that Peter could pay the ticket or he could appear at court. The officer said that if he, the officer, didn't show up at the court date, Peter could get the fine dropped. We're assuming since he said this, that he most likely will not show up. Won't that be a barrel of laughs if we're assuming incorrectly? You do know what they say about people who assume too much...

When Peter arrived home after his accident, we were comparing tickets. Guess what. We have the same court date! Isn't that cute?! June 16th. Justice will be done.

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