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May 13, 2010

My baby boy is one today. I can't believe it. I am in awe that a year has passed and that he's changed so much. And that the next year will bring even more marvel.

I have to say that May 13th, 2010 was the best day of my life in some ways. I don't mean that I haven't loved John so much more everyday after that or that the births of any subsequent children will be any less important. But on May 13th, 2010, the day John was born, our circumstances were so ideal and our lives were so simple.

I was actually admitted to the hospital on the morning of May 12th. My friend reminded me of that yesterday. I asked Peter "do you remember what we were doing yesterday last year?" He paused for a moment, then replied: "walking." That's exactly right. If there is one word to sum up that day, walking is it. We walked for hours. But out of all the days that a person could be required to walk for hours, May 12th, 2010 was a good one. It was cool, clear and we had a great view of the mountains.

It was just the two of us, well three of us as of 3:46 pm on May 13th, we had no family in town and no other children. We were free to sit and stare at our baby. And eat pie. (There was a Marie Calendar's across the street.) Though it would have been nice to have family in town, it would have meant that we would have had to share John. As it was, we had him all to ourselves. We had no other children to consider during my marathon labor or postpartum days. We could just snuggle up to our baby for hours upon hours without interruption! Things were so simple and I don't know if they'll ever be that simple again.

My favorite memories were of Peter. I think he was one of "those dads" in the delivery room. First of all, he missed his most important line because he was so deliriously happy. Prior to delivery we hadn't found out whether John was a boy or a girl. When he was born everyone was waiting for the big announcement but Peter had to be prompted by the midwife because he was off in la la land. (As John came out I looked down and saw boy parts, so I wasn't kept in suspense...) Then when the nurse carried John to the infant warmer to do all of her measuring and weighing and all of the other nonsense that they have to do (I can say that it's mostly nonsense because I used to do that in my job) Peter kept on picking him up and bringing him back to me! I had to tell him to let the nurse do her job! He was so endearing.

During my postpartum hospital stay there was a brief moment of hysteria one night when I'd been breastfeeding for what seemed like 4 hours straight while Peter slept soundly in his reclining chair. And I was like "It's the middle of the night and I should be sleeping! And if I'm not sleeping, no one should be sleeping!" But that was really a very small episode. Aside from that I couldn't imagine a more perfect, peaceful experience. And I'll get to relive it every May 13th.

Happy Birthday, baby boy!

May 13, 2011

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