Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Last year I thought I might have my baby by Mother's Day. I was due May 6th and Mother's Day was May 9th. Originally my "due date" was at the end of April. Even though I knew that first-timers are likely to be "late," I thought that I might just be snorggling my baby's face by May 9th but that wasn't the case.

Instead John was content in my womb. He was packing on the ounces thanks to vicarious doses of Mexican food of which I happily partook for last year's Mother's Day lunch.

Since it's Mother's Day month and John's birthday month, I'm planning on posting entries about my first year as a mom. However, being a mother often precludes writing about being a mother. But I'm working on a few posts so hopefully I'll finish them before the month is over!

This year's Mother's Day was wonderful. We ate lunch with a wonderful family from our church. But the best part is that I had cake for dinner! (As much as I write about cake and frosting, I really am a healthy eater.)

And Happy Mother's day to all of you mothers out there. And not only women who have given birth to children but women everywhere who love and invest in the lives of little ones around them- Happy Mother's day to you!

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