Sunday, May 15, 2011

First Birthday Party: Projectile Vomiting Edition

It was a memorable first birthday party.

There was succulent grilled fajita meat. There were the indulgent banana split cake and the whimsical ice cream cone cupcakes. Family and friends were gathered around. The weather was sublime, absolutely sublime.

Mini Banana Split Cake

And then there was the entire Dole factory's worth of regurgitated pineapples spewing from John's mouth covering my person from stem to stern.

First birthday, first projectile vomit. At least I'll never forget it!

John didn't, and still doesn't, appear to be sick. He acted like his happy self for the duration of our celebration. He has been having some intestinal issues for the past week or so in the form of a few episodes of diarrhea. But mostly it didn't seem like anything was wrong.

I had just filled a little plate for him with chicken, cheese and guacamole and was about to put him into his highchair when the gate of his bowels opened and gushed forth what seemed like gallons of sour, frothing pineapple vomit. It was quite shocking. He has never projectile vomited before. Visions of the exorcist flashed through my mind. He spewed three or four times while I stood there in the deluge, dumbfounded.

Someone finally came and took him, suggesting that I aim him away from me. That never even occurred to me! I was so surprised by how much was flowing out!

How he ingested so much pineapple, I don't quite know. I had cut up about half a ring for him to eat. Prior to that, my mom had been feeding him little pieces as well. It didn't seem like that much. But even if we both fed him much more than we thought we did, it still doesn't seem likely that we would have inadvertently given him the equivalent of an entire tropical island. And yet, nearly an entire tropical island's worth came out. I was surprised he could hold that much. He's had pineapples before and never had a problem. I don't know exactly what was wrong. But, it didn't really seem to matter because he seemed completely happy, projectile vomit notwithstanding!

Aside from that, the party was a success. We were happy to have our families and a few friends around. We are also happy that they are gracious because a few of them were casualties of "pineapple incident." Peter's aunt and sister were later spit up upon during a smaller, non projectile episode. Whenever you're around kids, you should probably just acknowledge that being soiled with some type of bodily fluids is always a possibility. Then, if you manage to escape squeaky clean, you will be pleasantly surprised!

We did get a picture of John with his birthday cake. But considering the events of the day, I thought better of letting him eat it. But the rest of us got to eat cake, and I suppose that's all that really matters, right? Hopefully, in the coming years, John will have many more birthdays and many more cakes and far fewer pineapples.

John while we sang Happy Birthday. He doesn't look too happy here. This isn't representative of the way he felt at the party. Mostly I think he wasn't sure what was going on because he's not used to 30 people simultaneously breaking out in song.

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