Friday, April 01, 2011

Technically he's a Utahn

When we moved back to Texas last May people often commented on how fortunate it is that we could get John back here- to the land of his ancestors- so quickly. Mostly we just smiled and nodded in response to this. But secretly, we're happy he's a Utahn. I don't think any two people have had more fun in any place than Peter and I did in Salt Lake City. The culmination of the year was, of course, John's birth. So, he's our connection. Utah will always be the place where we had our firstborn son.

Don't get me wrong, I love Texas. Especially San Antonio and the Hill Country. My qualms are that it is too hot and the only mountains are clear on the other side of the state. Also, it's too hot. Did I already say that?

Anyways, when in Rome, as they say, we mus act accordingly. So we took him this week to get some pictures in the bluebonnets. It is a fine Texas tradition, one that I have been looking forward to.

Happy April! I hope you didn't get fooled today. No one put anything past me today, that I know of. But my main companion was John. Who knows what would have gone down if someone over the age of one was in the house.

He didn't quite know what to do at first when I plopped him down in a field on the side of the road.

But he quickly realized he should do what he always does: turn on the charm.

Having a bluebonnet snack. A petal which I could not apprehend before it was in his mouth. Again, organic right?


Dawn said...

Absolutely adorable pictures Leslie, the color you chose for John to wear was perfect, he is so cute! We are all glad you are back in Texas regardless of the heat, its nice to have him so close! Good job Leslie!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, Leslie!! He is so cute and kissable. I can't wait to see him when you visit next. Terry

Vanessa Rogers said...

Texas maybe hot, but I way prefer it to cold. I hate the cold. John looks adorable in those photos. Do you remember when we went and took bluebonnet photos? That was fun. p.s. I almost picked the same blog background you now have :)

Peter and Leslie said...

Thanks gals! I'm so glad you like them. I was pleased. I'm also glad to be closer to all of our friends in Texas! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Anonymous said...

John's BB pictures make up for all my failed attempts to get you and Diana in a perfect BB picture AND on your first try.By law, he is a Utahn, by spirit, he is a TEXAN....and only another non-Texan would/could say that about the mere technicality.

Peter and Leslie said...

What my mom means in her comment above is that I am technically a Bostonian. Born just outside of Boston. Moved to TX around 2. So perhaps I am lacking in that fierce TX loyalty. However, mom, for being a true Texan, you do threaten to move to Montana a lot in the summer months! Also, I don't remember all the BB picture attempts with Diana and I. I'm sorry they didn't work out! I'm sure it was Diana's fault... :o)

Daniele said...

Do you really consider yourself a Bostonian? If someone asks you where you are from do you say Boston? I'm just curious, because even though Emily was born in Houston I don't consider her hometown as Houston. Anyways, I'm glad to hear you're "liking" TX more these days. I remember when you first moved to SLC you posted about how you were going to pray to God that you never had to move back to TX again...I'm glad to hear that you're finding some positive assets to living in TX. :)

Peter and Leslie said...


No I don't consider myself a Bostonian. Nether would a true Bostonian consider me one. It's just a technicality- something that's on my birth certificate that I can use in a two truths and a lie game.

We're just happy he was born in SLC because we liked it so much and we always have an excuse to go back. Kind of like when I turned 20 and my family took a vacation to Boston "so that I could see where I was born." Really we just wanted to go there but that gave us a fun excuse. :o)

And I've always liked Texas- mainly San Antonio (except that it's too hot and I sweat a lot). But Houston is definitely growing on me! Which is nice since I will have lived here for nearly a decade (maybe longer) when all is said and done. That said, I would move back out of state in a heartbeat! :o)